Operation Red Eye

Operation Red Eye is ministry outreach that focuses on homelessness and inner city outreach. Every third Friday of the month, a group of our impact volunteers go out between the hours of 9 pm to 1 am in strategic places in the community handing out food, clothes, and lots of love. ORE collaborate with other agencies for most impact in our community. Click here for more information how you can help or support. 

Here is our dates for our next outreach (Every 3rd Friday of the Month):












3rd Annual Thanksgiving Lunch (TBA)

Christmas Brunch and Give away (TBA)

Find the need and fill it, find the hurt and heal it

Going on two years of serving our community we have grown so much. This means we need more donations and volunteers to reach more people.  We plan to increase territory  when we have enough volunteers and churches to help.  We are excited and if you cannot help by coming out, you can pray for us.  Please pray for favor, safety, and open ears as we speak truth and love to them.  Thank You

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Your Domestic Mission Field

When you partner with The Dream Center, you join a movement to change not only the lives of individual people in desperate need, but entire families, a community, and even a city.

What we do together is an example for the world

We welcome friends from near and far who volunteer and give to provide a pathway out of homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, human trafficking and homelessness for people in need. If you hear God’s calling to this crucial and overlooked mission field, join us now!

What’s In It For You?

As you connect with people in need and see what a difference your efforts make, you’ll be blessed with a new perspective, a sense of purpose, more confidence and a deeper love for those in need.

If you want to be a volunteer, please fill out form below

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Make a GENEROUS financial investment

We cannot impact our community without people like you to make a generous financial investment towards this amazing cause.  You may ask, where does the money go?  It will go towards ministry cost such as future building, materials and equipment needed for outreaches, in some cases we give products to families and individuals that need clothes or food.  We, as of now, do not have any overhead cost so every penny goes towards ministry.  Everyone is a volunteer including our director, Pastor Jesse Campos.  So, please help us help others and give today.