Crossroads exists to reach the rejected and misunderstood youth and young adults that are in evolved with or affiliated with gangs or at risk within our community.  Teaching them to be productive leaders, educate them to be wise, and mentoring them to be accepted and loved.  Crossroads shall work with community agencies, faith-based organizations and schools for the betterment of our youth.  Lastly, Crossroads shall install hope and faith in youths lives that will mend all this together. 

What Do we do?



1. Engage

  • We obtain referrals through Juvenile Justice Center, Department Of Corrections, Community Agencies (i.e.      Lutheran Family Services, Catholic Family Services, My Friends Place, Boys & Girls Club).
  • We believe that relationships is the bridge of change. We meet and engage where they are at, Juvenile Detention Center, Home, or Community.

2. Mentor

  • Building a safe haven for at risk students where they can be safe, trust, and find hope.
  • We mentor through building relationships through our mentoring program.
  • Teach Cognitive Behavioral Training through our small support group.
  • Mentor through our community service projects.

3. Transform

  • Building relationships with the generations of absentee fathers so they can capture their identity and claim their destiny.  
  • Building relationships that will produce and enforce right choices.
  • Creating opportunities that invites change to our student’s lives.